Beehive Sponsorship and Employee Engagement

Beehive Sponsorship:

The Golden Company offers organisations the opportunity to support their own urban beehive across the City of London or sponsor one of our training hives at St. Mary’s Secret Gardens in Hackney. To ensure the long term success of the City of London ‘Golden City’ colonies we arrange to plant urban wildflower meadows and bee friendly herbs at suitable locations nearby, working closely with our partners at St. Mary’s Secret Garden and River of Flowers.

Our colonies are set up and managed by us. Golden City beehives help to fund the work we do with young people in the capital, whilst also helping to keep London’s bee population strong and providing a small income to our Bee Guardians. Corporate staff have the opportunity to learn about nature from the Golden Co young people through our service offer.

Come harvest time, sponsoring organisations receive a share of the harvested honey for staff to enjoy after the on-site honey harvest. All profits from Golden City hives are re-invested to train more young people through our third-party accredited business skills course as well as engaging them in nature through our training apiary.

““As a cornerstone of the City’s financial community we view London Stock Exchange Group’s role in supporting and developing the community around us as necessary and vital. This is the perfect example of community and business working together.”

– Xavier Rolet CEO London Stock Exchange Group

We have wonderful opportunities available to sponsor one of our training hives at our St. Mary’s Secret Gardens Hackney apiary, which includes a corporate honey harvest event at your offices.


Bee well-being clause:

We won’t be able to take on any further rooftop hives in the City of London in the short-term future. We want to ensure that all our bee colonies have sufficient forage and that we can deal adequately with any swarming events. Please note that we turned down a number of square mile contracts since 2011 and we are closely working with the London Beekeeping Association, who also won’t install further colonies in the square mile. Our existing contracts all have bee well-being clauses, hence enshrining sustainability in the contract.

To find out more about beehive sponsoring opportunities please contact Gustavo Montes de Oca at gustavo[at]

Corporate Volunteering and Teambuilding

The value of corporate volunteering:
For a small organization like us extra capacity is crucial. Partnerships with corporate groups that provide volunteers supports our production process and gives our young people opportunities to share their skills and work alongside professionals from a range of different backgrounds. We have worked with a range of teams including: Barclays, UBS,Lloyds, Linklaters and The Shoreditch Trust.

“We had a great day and the team enjoyed the challenges.”
Volunteer, Barclays Wealth in the Community

Our offer:
Our volunteer in the community days are designed to be creative and fun. We encourage volunteers to explore their creativity through a range of activities that can also be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the group.
Like the bees we work with, our working pattern is seasonal and we offer a different set of activities depending on the time of year. This could range from making products to bottling honey or preparing our hives for the Winter. Activities take place at our offices at Fellows Court Community Centre, Weymouth Terrace, E2 and close-by St. Mary’s Secret Garden where our teaching apiary is situated.
Days run from 10am – 5pm with an hour break for lunch. The day costs £400 for groups up to 10 people and £40 for every additional person.
For an example agenda and to book please contact ilka [at]

“Our staff especially enjoyed having the opportunity to meet the deeply committed young people and said: their reverence and enthusiasm for the company…made me realize that whether it’s through giving time, money, materials or mentoring, we can all do something that makes a difference to those in our community” (Community Affairs Manager, Linklaters).

Ask us how we can work together.

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