Honey is the sun’s energy collected and stored by thousands of bees. Plants convert sunlight, water and nutrients into nectar and bees turn the nectar into honey. It is rich in natural sugars and in its unprocessed form has been found to have medicinal and antibacterial properties.

Bees collect nectar from a foraging area up to 3 miles from their hive. In urban environments this means that they collect from a variety of different flowers, creating a varied, mixed flavour. Honeys from specific flowers can be collected in areas where one flower predominates such as Lavender farms or Heather from heathland. In some countries, where plants have very distinct flowering patterns it is possible to say that a particular honey is from a flower based on when it is collected.

Romans used honey as a sweetener instead of sugar and it has been found preserved in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs.

We sell honey, and honey from other small London producers at our stall at Borough Market on the last Saturday of the month.

Golden Cosmetics

We offer a range of luxurious spa products. Our award winning range includes enriching salt scrubs and lip balms. They are designed to energise and pamper with a unique blend of essential oils and fragrance from the hive.

Our Inspiration

The range has been inspired by our love of bees and co-created by our young people, leading herbalist Nathalie Chidley and our team of in house creatives.

Our bees and young people bring together a wide group of Golden communities to support production at our bustling work space in Hackney. Our natural cosmetics are handmade using 100% natural ingredients; with no preservatives just the raw power of nature. Where possible, we source locally grown ingredients. For example, lip balms use beeswax from our own hives located nearby at St Mary’s Secret Garden.

Poster or Banner

Our spectacular poster of the honey bee is a feature of our Borough Market stall and we have started to sell it in response to requests from teachers, beekeepers (and their patient friends and family) and parents.

We can arrange for this poster by Emily Wilkinson to be printed on FSC paper or onto a PVC-alternative, recycled plastic banner.

See below for a close up.