Customer Experience Project

Golden Co has been busy redesigning the Borough Market Stall. Our young people were keen to improve the overall customer experience.

The design team, made up of our young people, spent time out at Borough Market looking at how traders attracted customers to their store.They discovered the importance of telling the story behind the company, and making it easier for visitors to view and sample products. Ezekiel and Jan, also felt that a large London map with all of the Golden Co bee hive sites would be a great talking point for customers and show the impact of the organisation.

In the next session, armed with photo’s and inspiration from the Borough Market visit, the team shortlisted ideas for the new redesign. Top of the list was a new and colourful backdrop, clearly displaying Golden Co’s three core themes of nature, nature and enterprise.

In addition, logo signage would be added to make the store more visible and easier to find for regular customers.

The relaunch of the Market Stall will take place on 15 December 2012. Do come and down to the Market, and let us know what you think about our new look.

Golden Co would like to thank Jenny for her support during the project. The project will continue into 2013.