Athena: feminine leadership

“We live in a world that’s increasingly social, interdependent and transparent. And in this world, feminine values are ascendant,” according to a new book by John Gerzema called The Athena Doctrine . He and pullitzer-prize winning journalist Michael D’antonio claim that there is a growth in  leadership which demonstrates traditionally conceived feminine traits and that this type of leadership will not only help businesses excel, but also do good.

As part of their research the authors interviewed directors Anjum, Gustavo and Zoe and you can see a profile of Zoe Palmer on John Gerzema’s website.

Our work with the bees has always helped us communicate to diverse groups the idea that not all leadership structures reflect the traditional “male” model seen in most large companies. Most of the colony is female, and all the workers are as is the queen. Within the hive there are up to 20 different genetic lines which could be in competition, but the potential egg layers cooperate in order to maintain the conditions necessary for the creation of life that benefit them all.

Extending the metaphor beyond what the book (or we) advocate, the drones – the males – are not welcome in the colony over winter, when they would be a drain on resources and from August onwards if they have not left of their own accord their sisters can be seen attacking and even dismembering them!