We believe that everybody has the potential to be great.


We support our young people and staff in their personal and career development.


We are a learning organization and we realize that mistakes are helpful to improve as individuals and as an organization.


We know that self-discipline is essential to learn our trade and work well as an organization


We think that much self-worth is to be found through gainful employment and the young people working with us are paid for their work.


We promote the use of local goods, champion responsible beekeeping and respect the natural environment.

The Golden Co is a social enterprise – our profits are re-invested for the benefit of the community. We work with a small number of young people from the local area. We actively promote and signpost young people to further employment and training opportunities both within the company and further afield.

Our office is part workshop, part kitchen, part stock cupboard, part library. The sign above the door says craft room – which is the closest to what we are doing: creating an enterprise and learning our craft.

  We offer a space for young people to work with each other and members of the local community ranging from schoolchildren to corporate groups and everyone in between. We believe that there’s a lot to share and learn by bringing diverse groups together around a common goal – using nature as our inspiration we have chosen to start with bees.

“They don’t judge your past, they look for the potential within you” Bee Guardian, 20

We come together to look after our hives at St. Mary’s Secret Garden and for our clients in the City. As we work with the bees we learn about each other and ourselves; sometimes we get stung, sometimes we sit in the sunshine eating honey. Our approach to working with young people, nature and our local community has been influenced by our diverse range of backgrounds and professional experience. Some of the thinking behind The Golden Co was influenced by studies in Deep and Human Ecology and a systems based approach to working with bees. We recognize the interconnectedness of both human and natural communities, and our bees provide us with opportunities to interact with people who inhabit the same physical landscape but, at times, entirely different social and economic worlds.

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Why: All young people have the potential for greatness, though not all are given the opportunity to shine. Among the problems young people face are the struggle to find employment, and a lack of contact with nature. At the same time, while we work in one of the nation’s most deprived boroughs, we are less than 2 miles from the City of London and its creation of massive wealth which doesn’t find its way to communities it is built upon.
How we work: We nurture a network of partners with whom we create shared value and who all benefit while creating opportunities for young people to learn, earn and discover nature. We involve young people in the decision making process; they provide regular feedback as well as organising themselves into a youth board that reports quarterly, when we hold our board meetings. As well as advising, young people contribute to designing our processes.
What we do: We offer accredited training to young people in enterprise and beekeeping, which prepares them for work with us on paid shifts at Borough Market, assisting in employee engagement at corporate partners, and on production and development tasks. The course runs for 8 sessions and young people learn both theory and practice. As part of their enterprise training they devise, develop, design, make and sell a product to market. The beekeeping course covers bee theory, maintaining a live hive, and uses bees as a route in to understanding the environment and our role in it. After their initial 8 sessions, the young people are eligible for paid work shifts alongside our experienced market mentor as staff for our partner Borough Market; with our head beekeeper on employee engagement and with our project director assisting training and workshops. We also offer continual support through personal development plans and follow-ups,  CV and personal statement writing workshops, mock interviews. We are prepared to work with young people for a long time, preferring deep engagement to short interventions.

Golden Community

Advisors, Experts and Mentors

Aisha Forbes, Adenike Tilleray, Angela Woods, Anjum Quayyum, Barnaby Shaw, Diana Weir, Daliso Zuze, Emily Underwood, Elizabeth Jackman, Gemma Gottelier, Henrietta Bond, Ioannis Margolis, Johnny Kenton, Julia Craik, Jules Verdon, Luke Dixon, Nathalie Chidley, Rebecca Chitty, Richard Anstead, Salma Shah, Sara Underwood, Sian Slater, Steven Lello, Treasure